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How to Reward Employees for Overtime Work

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Time is valuable, and most employees expect to be compensated for working overtime. Exempt from overtime pay, Salaried employees may want their employers to provide perks for their hard work and long hours. The following are some creative ways to reward your employees for overtime work without breaking the bank.

Give Them Some Time Off

Employees need a breather to relax and recharge after long, high-stress, hard-working days. Instead of paying overtime, reward them with time off from work. Spontaneous days off are a terrific way to show your appreciation and give workers a chance to refresh. If the schedule does not allow for entire days off, give them breaks for naps, massages, yoga lessons, walks around the office, or simply taking time away from their desks.

Honor Them with Public Recognition

Create an employee of the week or month program to thank your top producers for their excellent work publicly. Praise your featured employee in front of the rest of the team. Give them a great parking spot, a unique coffee mug, or choice of the menu for the next employee luncheon. Mention your star employee in a company newsletter, in the local paper, or on your website.

Offer Work-From-Home Options

Commuting adds an element of stress to the workday. Surveys have found that many employees would appreciate the opportunity to work from home. Flexibility and remote work options can reduce stress and improve many workers’ overall quality of life. It could be a great way to reward hard work, boost employee satisfaction, and reduce the need for overtime pay.

Provide Scheduling Flexibility

As an alternative to overtime pay, offer workers flexible start and stop times. Allow employees to leave early if they have finished their work for the day. Most employees want more flexibility and better work-life balance. Some would even take a small cut in pay for more flexible work time options. The focus shifts to what they accomplish when they work rather than set work hours.

Give Them Advancement Opportunities

Hard-working employees expect to be rewarded with more responsibilities and opportunities for advancement. Companies that provide clear career paths can increase employee retention. Reward workers for extra effort with opportunities for education and professional development. Many online courses and seminars are available at a low cost to help advance employee skills and move their careers forward.

Provide Them with the Best Equipment

Invest in your employees and show your appreciation by providing them with the best equipment to do their jobs. Get them comfortable, ergonomic desks and chairs, state-of-the-art computer equipment, scheduling apps, or any equipment you can afford to make their lives easier.
Our agents understand how important it is to reward your best employees for what they contribute to your company. We can work with you to design an employee benefits package that will help you attract and retain top talent.

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